GC Services offers a full line of York Systems, along with plans for the care and maintenance of this top-of-the-line equipment. The York Latitude and the York Predator, shown here, are two examples. To learn more about the full range of products from York, contact us at 505-293-2992.

York packaged heating and cooling products fit practically every application with the high-end Affinity Series and mid-brand Latitude and Sunline Series units up to 6 tons and higher capacity Predator models up to 12.5 tons.

York® light commercial packaged heat pumps include the high-end Affinity™ Series line and mid-brand Latitude™ and Sunline™ Series units up to 5 tons, plus high-capacity Predator™ rooftop models up to 12.5 tons.


YORK® Equipment Offers:

      ♦     Sustainability

      ♦     Functionality

      ♦     Quality

      ♦     Affordability

      ♦     Efficiency

Today, many factors aid in creating the buildings and environments where we live, work, visit and play. It may start with shrinking your facility’s carbon footprint, or delivering a healthier indoor environment or cutting energy costs. With YORK® products, we help you achieve those goals with the widest chiller solution and service portfolio in the world. YORK® builds smaller, more energy-efficient chiller systems that can be tailored to fit practically any comfort and process cooling application -- even heating.

We also offer a deep understanding of environmental regulations, energy performance and green-building-certification issues. As challenges arise for greater energy efficiency and more sustainable chillers, YORK® equipment can be counted on to answer that challenge.